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Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck : A Classic Romance Story

Written By: Riri Oktriani

Book Identity
Title : Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijk
Author : Hamka
Publisher : Bulan Bintang
Printed : 1938

Matrilineal system—a generation system of ethnics that taken from mother side—makes Zainuddin just couldn’t have place on his own village, Batipuh, Padang Panjang. Real, just because his mother a Bugis with father from Minang that abroad. Far from his own village in West Sumatera. Zainuddin just like a foreigner and doesn’t admited as Minang. But it’s doesn’t matter, eventhough he’s didn’t recognize by the people in his own home. During in Batipuh, he’s staying with his aunt.

Not for a long time, Zainuddin fall in love with Hayati, a sweet girl from highly regarded family. And then they had relationship. But, Zainuddin couldn’t take long time for living in his own home. Because the people always ask about what he’s doing in Batipuh. Soon, he realize that he have to do something and decide to looking for fortune and good luck in Padang Panjang town. Before leaving, Hayati had promise to loyal and waiting Zainuddin to go back to Batipuh.

Zainuddin and Hayati still survive with their power of love. Don’t care, eventhough only could hold the love letters. And then, another letter comes from Zainuddin to propose Hayati. But, in conformity with that, Aziz, a brother of Hayati’s friend, also comes with same purpose. Hayati’s family decide to refuse the propose from Zainuddin.

After heard that decision, Zainuddin broken heart. He lost his way. The pain made he couldn’t breath. He couldn’t feel his life. Months, he’s got sick, unpowerfull, just calling Hayati’s name. The doctor couldn’t say anything, Zainuddin need to meet with his lover, Hayati. Bang Muluk, his friends—also son of rent house owner—sent Hayati a letter for coming to Padang Panjang seeing Zainuddin health’s condition.

At that time, Zainuddin crying, so painfull seeing Hayati come with Aziz. Her hands full with inai—just like mahendi in India—and also her sweer finger in right hand had a ring. In the end, he have to realize and facing the truth that Hayati was not belong with him.

Bang Muluk being Zainuddin’s best friend, help him to brush and take away his painfull past. About his identity which doesn’t admited by family on the village and also he could’nt reach his true love. He realize that he have to build his life again. From zero. With Bang Muluk, he abroad to Surabaya. Being author of teather and fiction story. By years, he become a successful man. But, this world is so small. Aziz got move to Surabaya because his job. They meet again with Zainuddin in Sumatera’s society on some teather event.
Unfortunately, Aziz and Hayati’s life was unhappy. Aziz so often spent his time and money to gambling. Hayati is arousing pity. Aziz lose his job and they have no other choice. They stay with Zainuddin. Day by day, with no changes of their life, Hayati was divorced by Aziz. He was end his life with suicide on a hotel in Banyuwangi. Before that, because long time ago he had taking Hayati from Zainuddin’s arms so Aziz give Hayati back to Zainuddin.

But, the pain still have a print. His heart was frozen. He didn’t want to remain his deep love to Hayati. He didn’t care eventhough at that time he was still alone. He refuse Hayati, and suggest her to go back to Batipuh. With empty heart, Hayati leave Surabaya with Van der Wijck ship. The route is form Makassar-Tanjung Perak-Semarang-Tanjung Priok-Palembang, and then Padang. But, the faith had been written down. That ship foundered after few hours form Perak. Hayati and the other passangers had saving to the hospital in Tuban.

Heard that, Zainuddin got shock. He go to the hospital and can meet Hayati before dying. He confess to Hayati that he still love her and Hayati feel it so. But his pain to deep for confessing that he still love her. And he broken heart again. And this time will be forever. For the second time, he lose Hayati. A year later, he also leaving all his memories because sick.

When I read this novel—in Senior High School—and still now, I feel this novel was so amazing. From the story, we can see, that long time ago, a man that wants to know his identity refused by his father’s family because he have no ethnics generation. He is not a Minang. Since boy, Zainuddin grown up in Makassar, South Sulawesi. His mother is Bugis and his father is Minang. So, otomatically, if we see from Minang custom, of course he doesn’t admited by the people of his village as Minang. His propose to a girl from Minang names Hayati, also got refuse because Hayati’s family prefer Aziz which has good future and recognize by the people in the village.

The conflict that always comes make Zainuddin keep on his effort to build his life again. It starts from the family that give him little chance, his unreach love story, try to be successful man which takes long time, until facing again by diffulty to choose: accept Hayati or still with his principe and frozen heart. But, in the end, Zainuddin feel sorry for his dicision. But, I think this is a classic roman that so amazing.

And from the way Hamka show this story—with his language style—this novel easy to understand. Because in some novel of 1930’s or 1940’s era theres many analogy of language or style that difficult to understand by reader in this era. But I think, not for this novel. The language so touch to our heart, Hamka can make the reader get into plot story. Also feeling the sadness of Zainuddin and all of the conflict that happen on this novel.

Finally, I’m trying not too over in judgement, novel had been printed in 23 times, makes me blue with all of the aspects; stroy, language, and a deep love conflict. Really, that’s the truth.

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